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MEDASSIST - Advanced Private Medical Services

MEDASSIST is a subsidiary of MEDEX that specializes in providing medical assistance in Israel and around the world, since 2010 with hundreds of Israeli patients, foreign nationals and tourists.

MEDASSIST was born out of a vision to help coordinate tests for the public who are experiencing difficulty finding an urgent queue for vital tests, and are unable to because of time, language difficulties, and the ability of the test institutes to coordinate a quick appointment.

The company works from understanding the anxiety and the difficulty of waiting exhaustively to queue for examination, decryption and treatment, based on its broad and professional medical experience for about 7 years.

“I would like to thank the Medacist team for the amazing service you provide to patients. I couldn’t contact all the institutes you checked for, to find a free appointment for that day already. Thanks to you, I didn’t have to wait weeks for the checkout.”

Alex, Chief of Staff

Over the years, Medasist has developed close relationships with the best experts, and medical institutes in the medical sector in Israel, in order to provide its clients with the highest level of medical services, by the best doctors in the field and with the best technologies in the market.

I would like to thank Medasist and especially Nathan Resnick for assistance in urgent and immediate appointment for ultrasound and CT imaging as well as medical advice by a senior physician.
Life invites us difficulties and potholes along the way and words are not enough to describe the importance of helping in the difficult and tense moments.
The activity of the company, and of Nathan in particular, made it easier for me to perform the tests quickly and efficiently, which gave me a chance to succeed in overcoming the disease.

Thank you with all your heart, Ayala Crystal

MEDASSIST is changing the bleak realities of medical aid and providing its clients with a wide range of tests within 24-72 hours of referral. The company is committed to providing its clients with full support, consulting on all administrative issues related to arranging the payments for the exams, and, in particular, significantly increasing the efficiency of medical care due to the considerable savings in waiting time.

The work process with the company is simple and allows patients and their families to concentrate on care and recovery rather than paperwork. The patient sends us a message or calls and describes his medical need. In MEDASSIST, an appointment is made at the nearest test institute within 72 hours of referral. We take care of supplementary examinations, decoding and medical advice from the best experts in the country. If necessary, we also guide the patient through the process of receiving the refund from the private insurance company.

Our professional focus is available 24/7 and staffed by the skilled people who are able to provide close support and personal care to each patient and provide him with the fastest medical response. We believe that immediate medical care is a basic right of every patient in the country, we at MEDASSIST have cared about our flag to provide it professionally and reliably.

Fast and professional service and full escort, we are behind our promise!

I thank your service, patience, caring, and your accompaniment every hour and hour. This is not understandable, and especially in our difficult moments.
There is no doubt that the service you provided has also contributed greatly to the speedy care.

Good job. Ariel Bloch, Nazareth

The main clinic is at 11 Barzel Street Tel Aviv.

In urgent cases call *6838
(24/7 response)

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MEDASSIST helps you get a quick appointment for a variety of vital tests, such as various types of ultrasound, EMG, CT, MRI, colonoscopy, gastroscopy. We refer you to the nearest institution where you can perform the required private examination. If you have private health insurance, we provide counseling for the refund. As part of our fast and professional treatment, we will also take care of laboratory tests, decoding the results by specialist doctors and consulting one of the leading doctors in the field. We only work with the best institutes and doctors in the country and we will make sure you reach them in the coming days.